Nestled in the picturesque landscape of the Erzgebirge region is the town of Frauenstein. Birthplace of organ builder Gottfried Silbermann, it has also been the headquarters of the Tittel family business for decades. Well-developed roads provide quick access from here to the university town of Freiberg as well as to the state capital, Dresden.

Master organ builder

Frauenstein was the home town and workplace of Gottfried Silbermann, central Germany’s most important organ builder of the Baroque period. By incorporating influences from Alsace into Saxon organ building, Silbermann developed a unique organ building culture all his own. With 50 organs to his name, 31 of which remain to this day, Silbermann left a strong impression on the organ landscape in Saxony.

Silbermann Days

Held in the Freiberg area, the “Silbermann Days” enjoy international significance. At the centre of attention are the masterful Baroque instruments as well as high-calibre concerts at authentic historic performance venues. These, in conjunction with an organ competition, draw the world’s top organists to our region for a few days.

The castle

... Frauenstein Castle is one of Germany’s largest castle ruins. Regarded as the town’s landmark, it can be seen from quite a distance in the Erzgebirge region. The castle was constructed around the year 1200, only a few decades after silver was first discovered in Freiberg in 1168.


The Central Saxony Summer of Culture (MISKUS) is one of Germany’s most diverse cultural festivals. Each summer, the association of the same name presents a three-month festival that gives a cultural lift to the region with more than 40 events and over 3,000 stakeholders.

Erzgebirge nature park

Founded over 800 years ago, Frauenstein sits at an elevation of 650 m in the silvery Erzgebirge mountains. The city has been a nationally recognised resort town for over 100 years, serving as a point of departure for hikes along the “Silver Trail” through the unique nature park.

Four churches

... and a chapel shape the town and its neighbourhoods. The Nassau village church is, incidentally, the only church within the boundaries of Gottfried Silbermann’s place of birth to maintain an organ built by the master’s own hand.

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