We manufacture straight- and helical-toothed spur gears as well as worm gears and worms up to module 1. Not only do we produce these toothed parts in series, but we also accept orders for small quantities and individual items.

Benefit from our expertise in optimising toothed parts. We enjoy taking on special design challenges such as reducing the weight of precision parts in drive technology. We also offer competent advice regarding technology issues as well as on process and cost optimisation.

Batch sizes

1 - 10.000 units

Gear diameter

Max 120 mm


Max 1 mm


Aluminium, steel, stainless steel, brass, special copper alloys

  • Straight- and helical-toothed spur gears
  • Worms, worm gears, bevel gears
Post processing

Case hardening, nitriding

Superior quality for industry and medium-sized businesses

Many years of experience in different industrial sectors make us provide appropriate manufacturing solutions to our customers. Diligent processing of your enquiry leads to a high-class product at competitive cost.  Get to know our capabilities today, renowned customers already rely on us!