Fire safety for children – We support the initiative and the new workbook

How do you react when there is a fire? The Central Saxony District Fire Brigade Association and K&L Verlag have set themselves the goal of answering this question in a child-friendly way and have published an easy-to-understand coloring book and workbook for girls and boys of primary school age. We are happy to support this important cause as a sponsor.

Fire exerts a special attraction, especially for children. But when curiosity meets a lack of awareness of the dangers, it can lead to tragic accidents - from accidental fires to injuries.  

This is why we support the initiative of the Central Saxony District Fire Brigade Association to raise children's awareness of this important topic. Together with K&L Verlag, we have produced a coloring book and workbook for primary school children that explains in an understandable way how to react correctly in the event of a fire.  

The new fire safety book "Sicher mit Feuer und Flamme" (Safe with fire and flame) was developed in close cooperation with fire safety experts and offers instructive tasks and information. With loving illustrations, it deepens children's fire safety awareness and guides them towards correct behavior. Additional digital content and a free app turn the workbook into an exciting experience.   

Thanks to the support of local companies, the workbooks can be distributed free of charge to primary school children - a great initiative that we are happy to support.