“With us, it comes down to the micrometre”

– Christian Tittel

Are you a technophile with a talent for manual work? Do you have solid knowledge of mathematics and physics? Do you like to work on a team? If so, you should apply for a traineeship as a cutting machine operator!

Each year, we provide two training positions to ensure a continuous new supply of excellent skilled workers. It takes 3.5 years to train as a cutting machine operator. The requirements are technical comprehension, good instincts and practical skills. The training builds on your solid knowledge of mathematics and your ability to recognise physical interrelationships. Upon successful completion, there is a good chance that you’ll be taken on in our family business.

“The atmosphere at work is important to me. From my first day here, the other employees approached me and offered support. In the end, that was the chief reason why I decided to work for Tittel. And for that, I’m happy to accept a somewhat longer commute to work.”– Francie L.

I found out about Tittel through the employment office. On Sunday evening I submitted my application, and on Monday morning I had an invitation from Mr Tittel to come for an interview. I had submitted other applications, but the offer from here was the one that most appealed to me. I was allowed to work for two days on a probationary basis, which also gave me the opportunity to experience the work atmosphere. The people approached me, took an interest in me, offered me support and were very willing to help. The relationship with the other employees felt right to me from the start. In the end, that was the chief reason why I decided to work for Tittel. And it’s one for which I’m happy to accept a somewhat longer drive to work.

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Your questions to training

As at the form provided to your right you can send us your questions regarding the training at our company. Or you simply write an email to

Your contact persons when it comes to the training:

Manuel Hüttel
phone +49 37326 / 8633-205

Heike Göhler
phone +49 37326 / 8633-120