Name change and new managing director

A fresh start to the new year. From 1 January 2020, Tittel Feingerätetechnik will be operating under the name Tittel Feingerätetechnik GmbH; the company is no longer a limited partnership. Accordingly, the VAT ID and commercial register data have changed, as found in the legal notice.

To the great pleasure of the Tittel family, the new owner, Dipl.-Ing. Samuel Kermelk, will continue to run Tittel Feingerätetechnik GmbH as a family business. As the managing director, he will be responsible for all future company business, with the support of Mr Christian Tittel until the end of 2020. Our top priority remains customer satisfaction.

Born in the Rhineland, Samuel Kermelk moved to Saxony 14 years ago, first to work as a logistics director at Porsche and later as the managing director of Heiterblick GmbH, a tram-building company in Leipzig.