Appropriate solutions for every industry

We provide the smallest gears for transmissions as well as micro-components for dental technology.

Tittel Feingerätetechnik supplies precision parts for your industry. Take advantage of our many years of experience and include us in your technological developments at an early stage. 

“It’s important to start by developing an idea for each new component. I’m delighted when the basic chains of thought I came up with at the beginning lead to exactly the right result in the end.”– Hartmut K.

Even as a child, I enjoyed pottering around with my toy construction set and developing ideas. My first introduction to Tittel came in grade 9. At that time, an employee from the company was supervising the electronics study group at my school. I had no idea then that I would one day be working here. I actually wanted to become a toolmaker, but the training positions were limited, so I began an apprenticeship in precision mechanics.

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Superior quality for industry and medium-sized businesses

Many years of experience in different industrial sectors make us provide appropriate manufacturing solutions to our customers. Diligent processing of your enquiry leads to a high-class product at competitive cost.  Get to know our capabilities today, renowned customers already rely on us!